Monday, September 23, 2019

Israel Warns it Could Attack Iran’s Empire

Another circus performance from Bibi.

Jews in Poland Scared of Rising Anti-Semitism

You rat faced kikes should be scared!

Jew George Soros Demands More Social Media Censorship

He's mad that people outside the Jew-run establishment are influencing the minds of voters.

Jews Whine About Iceland’s Plan to Ban Infant Circumcison

Jews must have the ability to mutilate baby dicks in all countries because they are god's chosen people.

Minister Demands Israel Stay Jewish Even at Expense of Human Rights

This kike bitch gives no fucks about your human rights!

Police Recommend Criminal Charges Against Bibi

This makes it even more likely Bibi will push for war.

Kike Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says #MeToo is Unstoppable

#MeToo is definitely one of the greatest things ever. It is destined to destroy the kikes!