Saturday, August 24, 2019

WaPo Jews Whine About Trump’s Pro-White Immigration Plan

Pretty bold of you kikes to write something like this.

Kike Steve Wynn Forced Out of Casino Empire

#MeToo is an unstoppable force.

Israel Begins Mass Deporting Africans

How will Israel be multicultural with hateful policies like this?

Paul Nehlen Exposes Racial Jews on (((Rebel Media))) Show

Paul Nehlen is quickly becoming a modern day version of Henry Ford.

Users Spending 50 Million Less Hours on Kikebook

The less time people spend on this evil Jew run website the better.

Jew Max Kellerman Calls Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Logo Racist

These Jews are completely out of their mind.

74 of 81 Verified Twitter Users Attacking Paul Nehlen were Jews

Jews are not in favor of America First positions!