Friday, November 22, 2019

Israel Proposes Bill to Criminalize Filming Jew Soldiers

The Jews are not happy with people filming their soldiers doing bad things.

Obese Kike Harvey Weinstein Faces Rape Charges

What a funny situation this has turned into.

Jews Whine About Parody of Israeli Eurovision Video

These kikes will whine about the smallest transgressions while simultaneously slaughtering people indiscriminately.

Neocon Kike Max Boot Thinks Trump is Killing Israel with Kindness

Looks like this Jew is getting a bit nervous.

Israel Brags About Killing Arabs With New F-35 Fighter Jet

Why the hell are we giving these evil Jews access to our military technology?

ADL Jew Terrorists Want to Ruin the Game Industry Further

The game industry has already been ruined but not ruined enough for these evil Jews.

German Newspaper Apologizes for “Anti-Semitic” Cartoon

Any criticism of Jewish behavior no matter how valid is anti-Semitism according to Jews.

Moslems Call for Peacekeeping Force to Protect Palestinians

A good first step but the Moslems should really be mobilizing a big army to fight the Jews.