Friday, August 23, 2019

Jew Tom Arnold Says He’s Going to Bring Down Trump

He posted a picture with Trump's former Jew lawyer Michael Cohen.

Israel Says Assad Running Syria is Good for Israel

This is quite the remarkable reversal in rhetoric from the Zio-kikes.

Jew-Run ACLU Claims Kavanaugh is Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The ACLU is not a civil rights group. It is a Jewish terrorist organization.

Jews are Trying to Steal the Florida Election

Jews only believe in democracy if they win.

Facebook Gave Users’ Private Data to Third Parties

I just assumed these Facebook Jews were doing this all along.

Jew Michael Cohen Gets Subpoenaed by the Senate

This Jew is back in the news again.

Blormf Officially Declares Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

What a sickening display this was from Blormf.

Jews Aggressively Push Agenda to Impeach Trump

Even though Trump did not collude with Russia, the kikes might try and impeach him any way.