100 CNN Employees Take Buyout as Mass Layoffs Rumored

The CNN Jews are having some real problems with their shilling of fake news.

Trump Commutes Sentence of Deranged Kike Sholom Rubashkin

The Jews are over celebrating the release of this evil kike.

Russia Insider Praises the Alt-Right and Starts Naming the Jew

Another Alt-Media site has finally decided to start exposing these evil kikes!

Police Recommend Criminal Charges Against Bibi

This makes it even more likely Bibi will push for war.

Netanyahu Suspends Nigger Dumping Deal

The plan to dump hordes of niggers in the West was not hardcore enough for the Jews.

Jews Conduct Massive Bombing Campaign in Syria

Looks like these Jews want a war.

Starbucks Kike Says Global Warming Threatens Coffee Quality

So global warming is to blame for Starbucks coffee tasting like liquid shit.

Kike Feinstein Had Chinese Spy On Her Staff for 20 Years

And kikes like Feinstein have the nerve to whine about conspiracy theories involving Trump and Russia.

Jews Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski Protest Kavanaugh

These anti-Kavanaugh protests have all been engineered and pushed by Jews.

Israel Heading Towards New Election

Israel is getting weaker.