Sunday, February 16, 2020

Infowars Cries About Anti-Semitism After Synagogue Shooting

Apparently false flag conspiracies and hoaxes don't exist when the Jews are involved.

Jew Chuck Todd Says Russians Could Be Behind Mail Bombs

If a Jew says the Russians did it than the Jews did it.

Jews Cry About “Fake News Fake Bombs” Sign

If the bombs weren't fake, wouldn't have one blown up by now?

Jew Alex Soros Says Anti-Semite Trump to Blame for Bomb Hoax

Trump's anti-Semitism is why Jews send fake bombs to themselves.

Jew CNN Does Softball Interview With Jew Jared Kushner

This Jew is the only member of the Trump administration to be treated well by Jew CNN.

Jew Nate Silver Says 86 Percent Chance Democrats Win House

He's up to his old kike tricks again!

Brazil: Bolsonaro’s Son Banned from WhatsApp by Facebook Jews

More Jewish interference in the democratic process.

Jewish Truck Seen Aiding Migrant Caravan Invaders

Yes, Jews are behind the caravan invasion.

Trump Praises Congressman Who Body Slammed Jew Journalist

Jew journalists deserve far worse than just a body slam.