Friday, August 23, 2019

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Says Jews Obligated to End “Syrian Genocide”

What a demon. He says this as the Jews are actively involved in a genocide against the Palestinians.

Israel’s Defense Minister: “No Innocent People” in Gaza

This kike would kill all men, women and children in Gaza if he could.

US Blocks UN Call For Investigation Into Israeli Killings in Gaza

The United States should be condemning Israel. They are not a friend and the entire world hates these kikes.

Israelis Open Fire On Palestinian Protesters in New Gaza Clashes

If anybody but Jews did this we would be talking about mass human rights violations.

Facebook Says All Users Have Had Their Data Compromised

This is what happens when you trust your data to a company run by Jews.

Netanyahu Suspends Nigger Dumping Deal

The plan to dump hordes of niggers in the West was not hardcore enough for the Jews.

UN Seeks Investigation Into Israel’s Killing of Palestinians

The UN will do nothing because the Jews are god's chosen people.

Thousands of Palestinians Storm Israel in Mass Protests

The Palestinians are protesting Jewish terrorism.

Thousands March in France to Honor Dead Jew Holohoaxer

All this for one dead Jew liar. What a shit show.

Israelis Come Out in Force to Protest African Deportations

Israel is one place that desperately needs vibrant cultural enrichment.