Israel Paying Citizens to Help Deport Illegal Aliens

This same program should be implemented in all White countries.

Kike Weinstein Slapped in His Ugly Kike Face!

Surprising that this kike hasn't tried to flee to Israel yet!

Kike Judge Blocks Deportation of 1,400 Iraqi Criminals

This kike should be arrested and stuff in a camp.

Jew Stan Lee Accused of Groping and Demanding Sex From Nurses

The old Jew was demanding oral sex from nurses!

Jews Leaving France Because of Jew Hating Moslems

What's the matter Jews? Don't like multiculturalism? Don't like enrichment? You racist kikes!

Newsweek Says Jew Connection to Weed Industry is a Conspiracy Theory

This is some of the worst journalism I have ever seen.

Canadian Woman Arrested in Germany for Holohoax Denialism

This woman did nothing wrong. The World War II Jew Holocaust never happened. It is a hoax.

ISIS Going to War With Hamas for Not Hating Jews Enough!

This is hilarious considering ISIS attacks everyone else but Jews and Israel.