Saturday, February 16, 2019

Jew Max Kellerman Calls Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Logo Racist

These Jews are completely out of their mind.

74 of 81 Verified Twitter Users Attacking Paul Nehlen were Jews

Jews are not in favor of America First positions!

Kikes Lash Out at Mike Pence’s Holocaust Statement

Even when you do your best to honor the 60 trillion kikes who never died in the Holocaust, the kikes find something to whine about!

Book Links Israel to 2,700 Assassination Operations

Jews ordering assassinations? So shocking!

Jews Whine About Polish Holocaust Bill

The Poles are pushing a bill that would prevent kikes from accusing them of Jew gassings.

Kike Magician David Copperfield #MeTooed!

The kike is being accused of drugging and raping a 17-year-old back in 1988!

Casino Kike Steve Wynn Resigns From RNC

One less kike in the White man's party!

Casino Kike Steve Wynn Gets #MeTooed By 150 Women!

#MeToo has claimed another evil kike!

Zionist Kike Bill Kristol Attacks Tucker Carlson for Racism!

The Jew Kristol thinks he can cuck the Tuck. Sorry, aint happening kike!