Jews Claim #ReleaseTheMemo is a Russian Bot Conspiracy

Jews are subverting America not Russia.

Jews Blame Evil Orange Man Trump for Synagogue Shooting

Who else would be at fault besides the bad orange man in the White House?

Jews Claim it is a “Paradox” That Holocaust Survivors Lived Long Lives

It is not a paradox because the Holocaust never happened.

ISIS Going to War With Hamas for Not Hating Jews Enough!

This is hilarious considering ISIS attacks everyone else but Jews and Israel.

Synagogue Firebombed in Sweden After Jerusalem Protest March

It's truly terrible to see anti-Semitism increasing around the world!

Jews Cry About Nazi Graffiti on Synagogue

The Jews at the synagogue should be the first one's investigated.

Jew Fraudster Albert Einstein Exposed for Hating Chinks

The kike Einstein held racist views while claiming that racism was a disease of White people.

Jew Bryan Singer Sued for Raping 17-Year-Old Spic

Are we getting closer to some serious Pizzagate tier stuff dropping?

Jew Al Franken Urged by Democrats to Reconsider Resignation

They're opening the door for Franken to reconsider his resignation.