Lindsey Graham Lectures Kikes About Treatment of Kavanaugh

He was booed by a kike audience for stating facts.

Jew Lawyer Says CNN Should Sue White House Over Acosta Ban

Never trust a Jew's interpretation of the Constitution.

Belgian Football Fans Chanted About Burning Jews

Guess these Jews did something to make these people angry!

White Male Bernie Sanders to Run for President in 2020

Why does Bernie think he has a chance? He's a White male!

SBC Exposes Jew Holocaust Hoax With Lampshade and Soap Party

Lying Jews literally tried to claim that Hitler turned them into lampshades and soap.

Trump Hails Subversive Jew Jared Kushner as “Extraordinarily Smart”

Yeah, I don't think this evil Jew is getting fired anytime soon.

Facebook Bans Israeli Group That Interfered in Elections

Jews are well-known for interfering in foreign elections.

Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

I couldn't give a shit about this but the Moslems are sure mad!

Kike Laura Loomer Exposes Jew Control of Media

So WTF is this kike up to now??