Friday, August 23, 2019

Stormer Book Club Exposes Jewish Role in Promoting Pornography

Yes, the Jews are behind flooding our society with pornographic filth.

President Trump Wants Jew Michael Cohen to Get Full Jail Sentence

The Cohen debacle proves that Trump should begin a Jew removal operation.

Graham Wants Trump to Recognize the Golan Heights as Part of Israel

This perpetual sucking of Jewish cock is getting tiring.

Jews Blame Evil Orange Man Trump for Synagogue Shooting

Who else would be at fault besides the bad orange man in the White House?

Israel Launches Another Round of Attacks in Gaza

The Jewish apartheid state will not stop until they kill every single non-Jew around them.

Israel Declares Itself a Jewish Nation

How will Israel survive without multiculturalism?

Kike Professor Says White Men Should be Castrated and Fed to Pigs

This ugly kike cunt belongs in a shower room gas chamber.