Ann Coulter Tweets About Jews and Their Golems

Is there any other mainstream pundit talking about the Jewish problem outside of her?

Jews Claim Government Spying on Trump Campaign is a Conspiracy Theory

So says the same Jews who promoted the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory for two years.

Netanyahu Questioned by Police for Five Hours

It's looking increasingly unlikely that Bibi will survive this.

Jew Chuck Schumer Calls Cops Over Sexual Harassment Allegation!

The Jew Chuck Schumer needs to resign the Senate over this.

Starbucks Jew Howard Schultz Gets Heckled at Public Appearance

The Jew-left is really flipping out over this Jew!

House Moves to Impeach Kike Rod Rosenstein

This kike needs to go one way or another.

Trump Says Democrats are an Anti-Jewish Party

What are you saying Mr. President? That I should register as a Democrat?

Macron Condemns “Yellow Vest” Movement as Anti-Semitic

Macron is trying to play the "anti-Semite" card now. It won't work.