AIPAC Conference Proves America is Controlled by Jews and Israel

AIPAC is the yearly spectacle of American politicians bragging about how much Jewish dick they suck.

Bibi to Name Town in Golan Heights After Trump

Bibi wants to appeal to the ego of the orange man.

Jews Whine After Al Jazeera Questions Fake Holocaust Statistics

Fuck all these Jewish lies about the six gazillion.

96-Year-Old German Man Jailed for Helping Gas 300,000 Jews

He was found guilty of gassing 300,000 Jews in fake shower rooms through his accounting work!

Casino Kike Steve Wynn Resigns From RNC

One less kike in the White man's party!

Israeli Video Bashing Poland’s Holohoax Law Gets 10,000 Dislikes

People are sick of these Jews whining about events that never happened.

41 Percent of Millennials Don’t Think Six Million Jews Died in Holocaust

That's because the Holocaust is a big Jewish hoax..

Neocon Kike Max Boot Thinks Trump is Killing Israel with Kindness

Looks like this Jew is getting a bit nervous.

Israeli Bill Proposes to Segregate Jews and Arabs

This is why I support opening Israel's borders. Hate must not win!