Thursday, September 19, 2019

Austin Bomber Blows Himself Up After Police Confrontation

A non-Nazi White male is said to have done the bombings.

Serial Mail Bombings Continue in Texas

One of the package bombs blew up at a FedEx facility in transit.

Count Dankula Found Guilty of Crime for Nazi Dog Joke

Politically incorrect jokes could land you in jail if you live in the UK.

Facebook Under Investigation For Misusing Personal Information

Hopefully this will finally lead to government regulation of big tech companies.

Negro Lawmaker Apologizes for Saying the Jews Control the Weather

While there is no proof, it would not surprise me if the Jews actually did control the weather.

France to Get Tougher on Online Hate Speech

Any speech against what the Jews want must be shut down.

Pope Francis Says Buying Sex From a Woman is “Torture”

Fuck you Pope. Your only experience with prostitutes is probably those of the male variety!

16 Migrants Die After Boat Capsizes Near Greece

Let this be a lesson to the third world subhumans trying to invade Europe.

Britain First Leader Paul Golding Attacked in Prison

Looks like they stuck the Moslems on him.