Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Steve Bannon Distances From Paul Nehlen After He Goes Full 1488

We are entering a phase where candidates for political office will be exposing the Jews.

Feminist Unveils Giant Penis to Chinese in New York City

Women do retarded things when they are given freedom.

Awesome Mad Magazine Art Depicts Unite the Right Rally

One of the greatest political cartoons yet.

Kenyan Ape Barack Obama Whines About Leaders Using Social Media

The Kenyan ape spoke with the oil driller Prince Harry and rambled on about nonsense.

Top 10 CNN Fails of the Year

Jews control CNN which is why they spread so many lies.

Police Remove Memorial to White Woman Killed by Somali Cop

Memorials dedicated to murdered White women are now considered to be evil and part of a White supremacist conspiracy.

Jew Faggot Matt Drudge Uses “Xmas” Instead of “Christmas”

The dick sucking Jew won't say Christmas!

Congressape Cries “Racism” After Stealing First-Class Seat

I didn't know they let zoo animals fly in airplanes let alone in first-class!

Poor Sales Forecast for the iPhone X

The iPhone X is a ridiculously overpriced and over hyped product. The sales forecasts and proving it out now.