Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trump’s Adviser Says There’s a Special Place in Hell for Trudeau

Finally some tough talk to our Canadian enemies.

UK: Big Rally Held Demanding the Release of Tommy Robinson

Looks like the British establishment went a bit too far with this one.

Trump Calls Out Soyboy Trudeau’s Fag Behavior

Trump was rightly upset with Trudeau's gay press conference he gave after he left the G7.

New York Times Skank Fucked Senate Security Director for Leaks

A respected man ruined his life to fuck this chubby skank. WTF was he thinking?

Jewess Wasserman-Schultz’s Paki IT Aide Might Strike a Plea Bargain

Looks like this crazy Jewess may have had a Paki spy administrating her systems.

Sadistic Jew Charles Krauthammer Announces He is Near Death

It's good to see that another horrible Jew is about to die.

Jews Now Falsely Claiming That Iran Did 9/11 Attacks

The Jews did 9/11 so why wouldn't they blame Iran for it.