Sunday, February 17, 2019

Israel: Thousands of Jews Demand Benjamin Netanyahu’s Resignation

These protesters want Israel to be multicultural and we support that.

Negro Felon League Game Tickets Available for $5

I wouldn't go to one of these games if they paid me 6 million bitcoins.

ZOG Cop Filmed Executing White Man Begging For His Life is Set Free

This ZOG cop murdering cunt deserves a painful death for what he did.

Synagogue Firebombed in Sweden After Jerusalem Protest March

It's truly terrible to see anti-Semitism increasing around the world!

Kikess Sarah Silverman Says She’s Afraid of the American Flag

We should all thank this Jewish bitch for advancing American Nationalism to the masses.

Israel Launches Air Strikes in Gaza

When will these Arabs rise up and destroy the Jews once and for all?

Christopher Cantwell is Finally Out of Jail

The Jews have created a more dangerous enemy by putting him in jail.

Amsterdam: Man With Palestinian Flag Smashes Up Jew Restaurant!

It is terrible to see Jews getting attacked like this!

Massive Wildfires Causing Havok in Southern California

I honestly don't give a shit if Los Angeles and everything around it burns to the ground.