Monday, April 22, 2019

House Intel Memo Confirms Vast Anti-Trump Conspiracy

The conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy has been fully exposed.

France: Third World Savages Bring Violence Back to Calais

The French military should be brought in to start shooting these evil monkeys.

ICE Raids 77 Businesses in Northern California

Let's hope ICE does more raids in California. The state is a cesspool of illegal alien beaner filth.

White House to Release House Intel Memo Tomorrow

Looks like tomorrow will be the day.

A Straight Edge Lifestyle is the Best Lifestyle

Our people need to be strong if we are to defeat the Jews.

Newsweek Media Group Caught Buying Fake Web Traffic

Things are really looking bad for the parent company of the leftist blog site Newsweek!

Maxine Waters Delivers Hilariously Insane SOTU Response

She said that there should be a warning issued whenever Trump appears on television.

Dumb Nigger Bitch Played Candy Crush During SOTU

We need to ban niggers from Congress and bring back slavery.

Michael Wolff Kicked Off MSNBC for Pushing Trump-Haley Affair

You couldn't pay me to bang Nimrata Randhawa, so why would Trump bang her?

Vice News Documents the Hunt for Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin

These people are retarded. Anglin lives in Nigeria and I personally visited him there.