Playboy Dumps Facebook

Things are not looking good for this evil Jew-run website!

Trump Officially Bans Trannys From the Military

Too bad this is only a symbolic gesture. It doesn't mean shit.

Trump Announces Ban of Bump Stocks

Another bad move by Trump. He gains nothing by doing this.

YouTube Announces Ban on Gun Safety Videos

JewTube is at it again.

Count Dankula Found Guilty of Crime for Nazi Dog Joke

Politically incorrect jokes could land you in jail if you live in the UK.

Pope Francis Says Buying Sex From a Woman is “Torture”

Fuck you Pope. Your only experience with prostitutes is probably those of the male variety!

Stephen Hawking’s Death is Good News

This was some of the best news I heard all day.

YouTube Going After Conspiracy Videos Now

A conspiracy theory is any point of view that questions Jewish Communist doctrines.

Lauren Southern Also Gets Banned from the UK

I thought the UK desperately wanted coal burners to immigrate to their nation.

World Wide Web Inventor Calls for Regulation of Big Tech

It's looking more and more likely that big tech is going to get regulated.