Friday, November 22, 2019

Apple Sued for iPhone Slowdown Conspiracy

Apple is looking more and more like a joke company in the post Steve Jobs era.

#MeToo Declared Number One Story of the Year by AP

#MeToo is a very big deal.

Petition to Dump Matt Damon’s Cameo From Ocean’s 8 Film

The #MeToo movement is demanding that Weinstein enabler Matt Damon be erased from movies.

Papa John’s CEO Fired After Failing to Embrace White Supremacy

Not embracing White supremacy can have consequences.

Negro Felon League’s Weak Ratings Continue

The NFL's ratings continue to be terrible.

Ocean’s 8: The Feminist Version of Ocean’s 11 Looks Absolutely Awful

Hollywood continues to try and jam as much feminism down our throats as possible.

Buzzfeed Editor Calls for “Full Communism”

That's great. Jew Communism only killed how many millions?

Eminem is a Confirmed Faggot

Eminem has admitted that he likes sucking dick.