Thursday, November 21, 2019

H&M Apologizes for Photo of Black Kid in “Jungle Monkey” Shirt

If H&M didn't work with niggers, this would not have been an issue.

Update on Nazi Dog Court Case

Uploading videos of your dog doing funny shit is apparently a crime in the UK.

New York Times Attacks #MeToo Movement

The Jews are having second thoughts about #MeToo.

Teacher Fired After Students Discover His Alt-Right Views

This enemy strategy of getting people fired from their jobs for having pro-White views is quickly becoming counterproductive.

Trump “Gorilla Channel” Joke Breaks the Tubes

The gorilla channel should be carried by Netflix.

Frigid Weather Exacerbates the NFL’s Empty Seat Phenomenon

Cold weather and national anthem niggerism is a toxic combination!

Teacher Fired for Showing Students Classical Nude Art

Classical art bad! Man on man anal sex good!

Weirdo Faggot Screams Repeatedly at a Donald Trump Robot

A faggot dick sucking weirdo got triggered by a Donald Trump robot.

Apple Apologizes for iPhone Slowdown Conspiracy

They're apologizing by giving customers discounts on batteries! What a joke this is!