Sunday, October 20, 2019

Negro Felon League Game Tickets Available for $5

I wouldn't go to one of these games if they paid me 6 million bitcoins.

Nigger Navy Sailor Faked Hate Crime Against Himself

These Blacks sure like faking hate crimes against themselves. They must have learned this from Jews.

MeToo Declared Time’s “Person of the Year”

Hopefully #MeToo continues for a very long time.

Bitcoin Approaches $16K

Bitcoin continues its meteoric rise.

Nationwide Protests Launched Against Net Neutrality Outside Verizon Stores

These people are protesting a theoretical problem versus an actual problem.

Mega Man 11 Trailer

Has it really been 30 years since the original Mega Man game came out?

Negro Felon League Week 13: Empty Seats Everywhere

Another bad week in the world of nigger ball!

Evil Savage Throws Spots the Cat onto the Street in Disgusting Animal Torture Video

The subhuman piece of shit who did this deserves death as punishment.