Saturday, October 19, 2019

@jack Allegedly Hacked, Says “Nigger” and Praises Hitler

Was he actually hacked? Or does @jack come to learn how great Hitler was?

Mormons End Partnership with Boy Scouts

The Mormons are rejecting the promotion of homosexuality and gender neutral gibberish with this move.

Ivanka Trump Wins Internet Freedom Award

Seriously? There's less Internet freedom than ever.

Baked Alaska is a Baked Faggot

He's auditioning himself to be promoted by Jews as a reformed Nazi. Total fag move.

Homosexual Ass Fucker Shepard Smith Quits Fox News

Good riddance you disgusting GRIDS infected homo fuck.

South Africa: Mongrels Preferred White-Run Apartheid Government

The rainbow nation concept is a fraud.

Dumb Nigger Bitch Played Candy Crush During SOTU

We need to ban niggers from Congress and bring back slavery.

No Jews I Don’t Give a Fuck That TSA Assholes Aren’t Getting Paid

Fuck the TSA and their post-9/11 security theater horse shit.