Saturday, October 19, 2019

Twitter to Launch New Round of Bans Today

Twitter is set to enforce policies that will ban people for behavior online as well as offline.

Star Wars Fans Revolt Due to Sound Problems at “Last Jedi” Screening

It might be time to declare Star Wars fans a threat to national security.

Race Mixing Shaming Goes Mainstream

White women have to understand that there will be serious consequences for fucking niggers.

Disney Executive Charged With Child Abuse

#MeToo is now helping the child sex abuse that is rampant in the kike run entertainment industry.

Verizon Signs $2.5 Billion Deal to Stream Monkey Ball Games

This was probably not the best of deals to make.

White Man Gives Blonde Daughter’s Nigger Boyfriend a Car!

This whore is going to deeply regret her nigger fucking ways.

#MeToo: Jew Larry King Accused of Groping Ass!

Larry King is a confirmed grabber of ass!

Sunday Night Football Ratings Down 30 Percent From Last Year!

More poor ratings for the Negro Felon League.

Pentagon to Still Allow Tranny Freaks to Join Military

Trump needs to fire the people supporting this insane shit.

White Man Gets 15-Years in Prison for Leaving Bacon in Mosque

Justice in America does not exist for White people.