Friday, December 13, 2019

Moslems Enslave African Girl for 16 Years

Slavery is a unique and diverse part of their culture.

Joy Reid Admits She Wasn’t Hacked and Is Just a Dumb Nigger

She's saying she should keep her job because of her nigger privilege.

Bill Cosby America’s Nigger Dad Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

Guess this means that we won't be seeing the return of Fat Albert!

Swedish DJ Avicii Committed Suicide

His death is already being compared to what happened with Kurt Cobain.

Judge Rules That Bars Can Throw Out Trump Supporters

The law needs to be changed. Shit like this is ridiculous.

BASED Kanye West Posts Pro-Trump Tweets

This has caused an upheaval in the world of Jew-run pop culture.

Joy Reid Fakes Hack to Conceal Her Hate of Faggots

It's not possible for niggers and faggots to get along.

MILO Forced Out of Bar For His Nazi and KKK Links

Milo is a homosexual Jew but is apparently also a Nazi and KKK member.

Trump Talks About Pardoning Dead Nigger Boxer Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson was a nigger criminal who beat White women. He deserves no such pardon.

Monkey Woman Terrorizes WAWA Store Over Sandwich Order

Blacks truly enrich our society.