Thursday, September 19, 2019

Woman Unapologetic for Saying “You’re a Stupid Nigger”

There is nothing wrong with calling a nigger a nigger.

Woke Nigga Kanye West Lectures SNL Jews with Pro-Trump Speech

The woke nigga phenomenon is becoming a problem for Jews.

Pope Francis Says Buying Sex From a Woman is “Torture”

Fuck you Pope. Your only experience with prostitutes is probably those of the male variety!

Buzzfeed Editor Calls for “Full Communism”

That's great. Jew Communism only killed how many millions?

Billions Wasted on High Speed Train Project in California

And the Democrats want to replace all air travel with these types of train systems. Good luck with that!

FBI and DOJ to Review Jussie Smollett Case

This Smollett debacle is actually very good for us in the broader culture war.

Liam Neeson’s New Film Rakes in $10 Million on Opening Weekend Despite His Nigger-Killing...

The people want to see movies starring White men who want to kill niggers with a club.

Soros Media Matters Leaks Tucker Making Pro-White Comments

Tucker is more based than any of us ever realized.

Jewish Super Bowl Halftime Show Universally Hated

Even normies hated this kikefest.

Trump Talks About Pardoning Dead Nigger Boxer Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson was a nigger criminal who beat White women. He deserves no such pardon.