Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Trump Bashes Low IQ Niggers Don Lemon and Lebron James

The official stance of the United States government is that Don Lemon and Lebron James are dumb niggers.

Babbling Nog Has Mouth Taped During Sentencing

The nigger wouldn't shut up so the judge ordered his mouth taped.

NYT Has an Anti-White Dyke Gook on Their Editorial Board

A Jew-run paper is backing a dyke gook that hates White people.

Alex Jones Gets Banned From Spotify

Yeah, I think Jones should have been a bit more supportive when we were getting banned.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Felt Like He Wasn’t in America at Trump Rally

Jim Acosta and CNN are national security threats.

Fights Keep Breaking Out at Trump’s Star on Walk of Fame

Fuck these people. I hope they die.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Brutally Heckled at Trump Rally

Jim Acosta is an evil man who has sold his soul to the Jews.

Canada: Man Changes Gender to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Embracing the insanity isn't such a bad idea.

Most Russians Think the Apollo Moon Landings Were Faked

Can't say that I disagree with the Russians on this.

Twitter’s Stock Plunges Over 20 Percent

By banning and censoring so many people, Twiter's active user base is now in decline.