Jared Taylor to Sue Twitter Over Internet Censorship

Silicon Valley went too far with speech censorship and now they must face the consequences.

Adolf Hitler Planned Nazi Death Star!

All sorts of interesting facts about Adolf Hitler can be found with a simple Google News search!

Trump Accused of Affair With Playboy Slut

More unproven tabloid rubbish being pushed by the Jew-run media.

Facebook is Losing the Youth Demographic

Facebook lost its cool factor years ago.

Trump Comments on #MeToo Movement

This is just going to add more fuel to the #MeToo movement.

Black Women Are Trying to Get Out of the United States

Black women should seek their own safe space in Africa.

Bermuda Repeals Faggot Marriage

It's about time someone takes a stand on the faggot plague!

Black Panther Gets Near Perfect Score From Film Critics

They're basically claiming that it is the greatest movie of all time.