Monday, October 21, 2019

Starbucks Stock Crashes After Becoming a Chain of Homeless Shelters

Apparently turning your stores into homeless shelters is not a good business model.

Jew Jerry Springer to End His Horrible Television Show

I honestly thought this Jew stopped producing this horrible shit a long time ago!

New “Apeshit” Video Depicts Apes Shitting on Mona Lisa

This new video shows a bunch of apes shitting on Western civilization.

Robert De Niro Yells “Fuck Trump” at Tony Awards

Robert De Niro might be suffering from brain damage.

Starbucks Raises Coffee Prices to Accommodate Homeless Niggers

This does not sound like a very good business strategy.

Google Goes Full Nazi and Refuses to Tie Pay to Diversity Programs

Guess the Jews at Google don't really believe in diversity.

Miss America Pageant Drops Swimsuit Contest and Won’t Judge Looks

Thanks to feminism and #MeToo, it's no longer a pageant, it's a competition now!

Han Solo Star Wars Film to Lose Over $50 Million

Perhaps they shouldn't have made the movie so Jewish.