Friday, August 23, 2019

Negro Felon League Week 15: More Empty Seats

The empty seat circus is never ending!

Negroid Terrorist Donald Glover Drops Anti-American Music Video

I'm getting really sick of this nigger shit.

Judge Rules That Bars Can Throw Out Trump Supporters

The law needs to be changed. Shit like this is ridiculous.

The Weekly Standard Officially Shuts Down

Good riddance to this Jewish neocon rag.

CBS Advocates Violence Against Richard Spencer

These kikes are escalating things again.

Manosphere Now Being Targeted for Bans on Social Media

Everything and anything is getting banned.

Gavin McInnes Gets YouTube Channel Reinstated

Wow, are the Jewish censors trying to act reasonable now?

George Will Says to Vote Against the GOP Because of Trump

This so-called conservative wants the country over run with endless subhuman sludge.