Twitter Apologizes for Banning Based Negress Candace Owens

She proved that you can bash White people with no consequence on these biased platforms.

Nigger Hating Black Cop Shoots Crazy Naked Nigger

This is one of the most racist incidents I have ever witnessed.

#MeToo Declared Number One Story of the Year by AP

#MeToo is a very big deal.

Alex Jones Gets Banned From Spotify

Yeah, I think Jones should have been a bit more supportive when we were getting banned.

Low IQ Maxine Waters Gets Halloween Billboard

Maxine Waters is definitely scarier than Michael Myers.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Claims No Conspiracy to Silence Alex Jones

The faggot Cook lies to justify his pro-censorship agenda.

Google Internally Discussed Burying Right-Wing Content

More evidence showing that Google is against free political speech and must be regulated.

YouTube “Accidentally” Bans Several Right Wing Channels

YouTube aka JewTube is continuing its mass censorship campaign.

MGM Looking at Replacing Workers with Robots

Technology is going to totally eliminate any justification for having third world hordes living among us.

Facebook Loses Ground With Generation-Z

It wouldn't be surprising if Facebook went the way of MySpace in the next 10 to 15 years.