“We Wuz Kangz” Film Pushed as Hollywood Saving Blockbuster

The Jews are trying to push infinite amounts of niggers down our throats.

School Teacher Removed From Job for Hosting Neo-Nazi Podcast

You can''t be pro-White and hold a job in America. It's one of the great freedoms we have.

Blacks Arrested at Starbucks Feared for Their Lives

Now these niggers know how White people feel around niggers.

Maxine Waters Cancels Events After Getting Death Threats

People are threatening to shoot and lynch her.

Twitter Apologizes for Banning Based Negress Candace Owens

She proved that you can bash White people with no consequence on these biased platforms.

Twitter Censors the Phrase “Illegal Alien” as Hateful Content

The Twitter thought police strike again.

Megyn Kelly Gone from NBC Over Blackface Defense

What a fiasco this shit is.

EU Moves to Suppress Phrases Like “Manpower” and “Mankind”

If women were back in the kitchen where they belong, we would not be having such retarded discussions.