Saturday, August 17, 2019

Jews Try to Frame Mark Dice in Murder of 7-Year-Old Black Girl

The Jews are now trying to frame right-wing YouTube personalities in murders of black children.

Layoffs Hit McClatchy and Vice Media

It is good to see more so-called journalists lose their jobs. To hell with these lying propagandists.

Free Porn to be Blocked in UK

Internet pornography viewing has become a major health crisis in the West.

Shithole Woman Enslaved 33 Shitholers in Her Basement

Now this is what I call enrichment.

New Terminator Film Looks Like Absolute Shit

What a fucking disaster this is going to be.

House Held Hearing on Slavery Reparations

Just a bunch of niggers whining about how they deserve free shit.

Storming Area 51 Now Has the Support of 1.5 Million People

If only we could get 1.5 million people to demand Jews be thrown out of the country.

Buzzfeed Editor Calls for “Full Communism”

That's great. Jew Communism only killed how many millions?

Sorority Girl Thrown Out of School for Saying the Nigger Word

This girl should be free to say the nigger word all she wants!