Friday, August 23, 2019

Starbucks Trolled Into Letting Homeless Blacks Use Their Bathrooms

This is not going to end well for this Jew-run coffee chain.

China Blocks Eurovision’s Faggot Propaganda

The Chinese are smart enough to know that homosexuality is a mental disorder.

Mormons End Partnership with Boy Scouts

The Mormons are rejecting the promotion of homosexuality and gender neutral gibberish with this move.

Sam Hyde Banned From YouTube and Instagram

The Jews want to ban any politically incorrect humor from all social media platforms.

Dancing Monkeys Pushed Off Stage During School Graduation

Did these niggers think they were on an episode of Soul Train??

Negroid Terrorist Donald Glover Drops Anti-American Music Video

I'm getting really sick of this nigger shit.

Mainstream Trying to Meme “Incels” as Terrorists

Can't get laid? You might be a terrorist.

White Woman Raped and Beheaded in Wild India Adventure

Please tell me again why White women should have freedom. It is obviously not to their benefit.

Eggplant Negress Brags About Shutting Down Altright.Com

An uppity Negress is bragging about shutting down Richard Spencer's website.

Loitering Niggers Arrested at Starbucks Awarded $200,000

This is a not so shocking case of nigger privilege.