Cleveland Indians to Remove “Chief Wahoo” Logo

Another form of racial hate purged from our society!

Hillary Reads Fake Kike Book “Fire and Fury” at Grammys

These people have lost touch with reality.

CNN Claims Getting Cucked Will Help Your Marriage

Only a media outlet run by kikes would promote such insanity.

GRIDS Rapper Eminem Says a “Turd” Better Than Trump

The GRIDS has severely infected Eminem's brain.

Football Monkey Colin Kaepernick Donates $10K to Soros Group

Another case of a billionaire kike working with a nigger.

Apple May Discontinue the iPhone X Soon

It's no wonder why analysts are downgrading Apple's stock!

Man Arrested For Planning to Shoot CNN Employees

People are getting fed up with CNN's fake news.

Kike Laura Loomer Gets Gassed on Live Tube Stream!

This was a literal Holocaust.

Alt-Lite Crew Poses With Bradley Manning!

Very pleased to find out that the Alt-Lite is not transphobic!

Pro Overwatch Player xQc Suspended for Saying “Suck a Fat Cock”

Political correctness is out of control.