Friday, August 23, 2019

Trump to Look Into Twitter Censorship

At minimum, we need robust regulation of these big social media companies.

Pop Singing Slut Demi Lavoto Overdoses on Drugs

It would have been preferable if she died from the overdose.

FEMEN Founder Commits Suicide

This is the best decision she made her whole life. She will not be missed.

Wakandan Prophet Arrested After Failing to Resurrect Corpse

The Wakandan prophet is the real victim of this most unfortunate situation.

NFL Halts Policy Forcing Players to Stand for the National Anthem

If you are White you need to boycott the NFL.

Tennessee: Confederate Flag License Plates on the Rise

White racial identity is making a comeback in Tennessee!

MLB Pitcher Forced to Take Sensitivity Training for Old Racist Tweets

He said he hated faggots, said the nigger word and endorsed White power!

San Francisco is a True Shithole City

There are literal zombie niggers shitting on the streets!

All Whites Should Root for Croatia to Win the World Cup

May Croatia defeat the African savages of France!

Papa John’s Brand Under Attack Because Papa John Said “Nigger”

The kikes are going all out on this story about Papa John saying the "nigger" word.