Monday, August 19, 2019

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Suffer Massive Outage

Too bad the outage wasn't permanent.

GoDaddy Threatens to Suspend Gab’s Domain

The Jews are giving Gab the full "shut it down" treatment.

Nigger Navy Sailor Faked Hate Crime Against Himself

These Blacks sure like faking hate crimes against themselves. They must have learned this from Jews.

World Wide Web Inventor Calls for Regulation of Big Tech

It's looking more and more likely that big tech is going to get regulated.

Pantera Co-Founder Vinnie Paul Passes Away at 54

Sad news. Pantera was one of the more culturally significant metal bands of the 1990s.

CNN Harasses Pro-Trump Grandma For Colluding With Russians

CNN is a terrorist organization.

Verizon Signs $2.5 Billion Deal to Stream Monkey Ball Games

This was probably not the best of deals to make.

Buzzfeed Editor Calls for “Full Communism”

That's great. Jew Communism only killed how many millions?

Grandpa Lampshade Harassed by FBI and Doxed by HuffPo

Not even niche pro-White podcasters like Grandpa Lampshade are safe from this evil Jewish system.