Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Bees Reportedly Drop Dead Around 5G Towers

There's lots of questions about the safety of 5G.

NASA Claims InSight Probe Landed on Mars

I'm at a point where I just assume that everything NASA does is a hoax.

Trump Looking At Ending Tranny Faggot Nonsense

I'm really sick of these god damn tranny faggots.

New Han Solo Film From Disney Jews Flops

The Jews have killed the Star Wars franchise.

Tech Journalist Dr. Pizza Arrested for Trying to Fuck Kids

He called himself Dr. Pizza, but #Pizzagate isn't real goy.

Happy Easter to Everyone!

Out of all the Christian holidays, the Jews seem to hate this one the most.

America’s Favorite Nigger Dad Bill Cosby Sentenced to Prison

Bill Cosby's inner-nigger led him to drug and rape women.