WaPo Editorial Board Opposes Elimination of Student Loan Debt

Fuck you WaPo. The college loan industry is a scam.

Starbucks Begins Deploying Needle-Disposal Boxes at Their Stores

Drug use in coffee stores is culturally enriching.

Over 1,000 Climate Change Cultists Arrested in London

These climate cultists are totally brainwashed.

CNN’s Ratings Plunge to a New Low

This is the one thing Trump deserves credit for. Discrediting the kike-run media.

Happy Easter to Everyone!

Out of all the Christian holidays, the Jews seem to hate this one the most.

Blarmf Refuses to Move On From the Russia Hoax

So are we still going to be talking about this dumb Russia hoax for the next two years? This is getting tiresome.

Happy 130th Birthday to Adolf Hitler

He was a great man who stood against the international Jew menace.

Heroic Teens Arrested for Killing Fat Dyke BuzzFeed Reporter

I am very happy to learn that this fat dyke has died.

Tucker: Russia Hoax Sabotaged Trump’s Presidency

The Russia hoax succeeded in many ways.