Friday, February 22, 2019

Weirdo Faggot Screams Repeatedly at a Donald Trump Robot

A faggot dick sucking weirdo got triggered by a Donald Trump robot.

Apple Apologizes for iPhone Slowdown Conspiracy

They're apologizing by giving customers discounts on batteries! What a joke this is!

Tim Cook Paid Over $100 Million for Destroying Apple

This faggot is one of the most overpaid people in America.

Feminist Unveils Giant Penis to Chinese in New York City

Women do retarded things when they are given freedom.

Kenyan Ape Barack Obama Whines About Leaders Using Social Media

The Kenyan ape spoke with the oil driller Prince Harry and rambled on about nonsense.

Poor Sales Forecast for the iPhone X

The iPhone X is a ridiculously overpriced and over hyped product. The sales forecasts and proving it out now.

Vice Media Gets #MeTooed

The only solution is to promote and hire women to replace men.

Apple Sued for iPhone Slowdown Conspiracy

Apple is looking more and more like a joke company in the post Steve Jobs era.