Trump Rescinds Obama-Era Guidance on Affirmative Action

This is the beginning of the end to the insane idea of affirmative action.

Bugman Terrorist Charged With Threatening FCC Head

Why the death threats? Seems like the tubes are operating just fine without net neutrality.

Maxine Waters Cancels Events After Getting Death Threats

People are threatening to shoot and lynch her.

David Lynch Says Trump Could Be One of the Greatest Presidents

Unexpected but interesting commentary from Lynch.

Glenn Beck Goes Insane During CNN Interview

Glenn Beck is a mentally unsound person who should not be given a platform on national television.

Permit Patty Video Reveals Emerging Negro Fatigue Among Normies

Even normies are getting tired of niggers.

Pantera Co-Founder Vinnie Paul Passes Away at 54

Sad news. Pantera was one of the more culturally significant metal bands of the 1990s.

George Will Says to Vote Against the GOP Because of Trump

This so-called conservative wants the country over run with endless subhuman sludge.

Starbucks Stock Crashes After Becoming a Chain of Homeless Shelters

Apparently turning your stores into homeless shelters is not a good business model.