Friday, April 19, 2019

Former Mexican President Shilling Retarded Anti-Trump T-Shirt

Vicente Fox is just mad that his country is a shithole and he can't fix it.

Conor McGregor Arrested After Attacking UFC Bus

What we have here is a White man behaving like a nigger.

Google Honors Negro Poet While Ignoring Easter

This is another reminder that Google is controlled by subversive Jews.

JewTube HQ Shooter Was a Vegan Iranian Vlogger

Turns out the initial reports were wrong. The shooter was in fact someone seeking revenge against JewTube.

Crazy Woman Shoots Up JewTube’s Headquarters!

And I thought the shooter was going to be an angry Nazi whose JewTube channel got banned by kikes!

Blacks Chimping Out in Sacramento Over Nigger Killed by Cops

Hopefully these niggers burn down the city. I'd lol.

Parkland School Shooter Flooded With Fan Mail From Sick Whores

Here's more proof that women need to be put in cages.

Gun Grabbing Crisis Actor David Hogg Can’t Get Into College!

David Hogg is one of the worst crisis actors in the history of crisis acting!

Jorge Ramos Says He’s Returning to Mexico

Good and don't come back you subversive bean monkey!

Playboy Dumps Facebook

Things are not looking good for this evil Jew-run website!