Friday, February 22, 2019

Kike Laura Loomer Gets Gassed on Live Tube Stream!

This was a literal Holocaust.

Alt-Lite Crew Poses With Bradley Manning!

Very pleased to find out that the Alt-Lite is not transphobic!

Pro Overwatch Player xQc Suspended for Saying “Suck a Fat Cock”

Political correctness is out of control.

Anti-Fascists Attack Alt-Lite “Freedom” Event!

Anti-fascists showed up to attack those evil Alt-Lite Nazis!

Sorority Girl Thrown Out of School for Saying the Nigger Word

This girl should be free to say the nigger word all she wants!

Jew-Run Media Failing to Put the Brakes on the #MeToo Train!

This train is an unstoppable force.

Jews Struggle to Explain The Last Jedi’s Failure in China

The real reason this film failed in China is because it featured an Asian female mixing it up with a nigger!

Twitter Employs Army That Spies on “Private” Messages

More on the Orwellian Big Brother social media operation known as Twitter.

Negro Felon League’s Ratings for Playoff Games Down Big League!