Sunday, August 25, 2019

America’s Favorite Nigger Dad Bill Cosby Sentenced to Prison

Bill Cosby's inner-nigger led him to drug and rape women.

James Woods Locked Out of Twitter Over Election Meme

Even James Woods is too hardcore for Twitter these days.

Captain Marvel Pushes More Womyn Empowerment Nonsense

The kikes at Disney are putting out the feminist version of Black Panther.

Michael Moore’s New Pro-Trump Film Does Poorly at the Box Office

This is concerning for the midterms.

James Woods Tells Senator Hirono To Go Fuck Herself

This is the type of political commentary America desperately needs.

Emmy Awards Receive Lowest Ratings of All-Time

People have had it with all this Jewish anti-White bullshit.

Inside Edition Crew Gets Robbed by Niggers in San Francisco

San Francisco has a real problem with nigger crime on their hands!

Shitlib Site Think Progress Gets Censored by Facebook!

Turns out censorship can go both ways!

Facebook to Start Fact-Checking Photos and Videos!

In other words, any content that Jews disagree with will be labeled as "fake news" or Russian propaganda.

Twitter Censors the Phrase “Illegal Alien” as Hateful Content

The Twitter thought police strike again.