Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sargon of Akkad Releases Strange ISIS-Styled Propaganda Video

Looks like Sargon has declared all out war against "The Faceless Man" and is executing non-believers.

California Wildfires Claim 76 Souls, 1,000+ Missing

The scenes coming out of California are truly something else.

California is Literally Burning to the Ground

This is what California gets for mocking the natural order of the universe.

Judge Rules First Amendment Doesn’t Apply to the Daily Stormer

Constitutional rights are selectively applied by this corrupt judicial system.

Secret US Charges Against Julian Assange Revealed

All this guy did was publish embarrassing government information on a website.

Trump’s Lawyers Say He Can Ban All Reporters from White House

He absolutely can do this and probably should.

Trump Issues Warning to Anti-Fascist Groups

This problem can be solved by getting the Department of Justice cleaned up.

CNN Files Goofy Lawsuit Against White House

This is a massive over reach by the Jews at CNN.

NYT Claims Troop Deployment to the Border is a Morale Killer

Yes but fighting wars for Jews and Israel is a morale booster according to the Jew-run New York Times.

Michael Avenatti Threatens Lawsuit Against Tucker Carlson

This is part of a Jewish plot against Carlson.