Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Anti-Trumper John Kasich Seriously Looking at 2020 Run for POTUS

Such a campaign would be doomed to failure.

Supreme Court Upholds Block on Trump’s Asylum Ban

Looks like Roberts has gone full shitlib and is now the new "swing vote."

Tranny Loving War Enthusiast Jim Mattis Resigns

Some good news. He was a tranny lover who wanted to do endless war for Jews.

Federal Reserve Increases Interest Rates Again

The Fed needs to be abolished.

Advertisers are Pulling Out of Tucker Carlson’s Show

The kikes are trying to fuck the Tuck!

Reports Claim Russians Targeted Niggers on Social Media

They're saying Russians tried to brainwash niggers to help Trump win the election.

Spanish Police Arrest Three “Neo-Nazi” Website Operators

What more proof do you need to see that free political speech does not exist in the West?

PewDiePie Under Vicious Attack by Evil Jews

Will the Jews ban the most watched person on the Internet from YouTube?

Democrats “Outraged” After Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional

The Democrats are permanently outraged about everything.

Jew Media Pushes Trump Inauguration Conspiracy Story

Get ready for an endless parade of manufactured scandals.