Thursday, May 23, 2019

Glenn Beck Declares War Against the Alt-Right

Go suck a cock Beck you faggot loser!

Sargon of Akkad Says Alt-Right Trolls are Niggers

No niggers allowed in Sargon's liberalist utopia.

A Straight Edge Lifestyle is the Best Lifestyle

Our people need to be strong if we are to defeat the Jews.

Vice News Documents the Hunt for Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin

These people are retarded. Anglin lives in Nigeria and I personally visited him there.

Luke O’Brien Exposes the Alt-Right’s Alliance with Bo Jackson

This is some of the finest investigative journalism that I have ever seen.

The Alt-Right is Bringing the Culture War Inside of Google

Google declared a war on Whites and now they must live with the consequences.

Sean Hannity’s Twitter Account Briefly Deactivated

Twitter needs to either be regulated or gassed off the tubes.

Trump Looks Forward to Interview With Special Counsel

Looks like this crazy hoax is finally coming to an end.

Emily Youcis Presents “Waking Up”

This is a true masterpiece.