Saturday, December 15, 2018

President Trump Calls for American State Run TV Network

Not a bad idea, but the biggest problem we have are the Jews controlling the biggest media operations in the country.

Alex Jones Should Absolutely Have a White House Press Pass

If this doesn't happen, 1776 will commence again!

President Trump Threatens to Close the Border Permanently

This is only going to get worse. Best just to close it permanently.

Russians May Try to Verify if Apollo Moon Landings Were Real

The Apollo moon missions were a total and complete hoax.

Gavin McInnes Quits Proud Boys Due to Jewish Terror Campaign

Guess he's going to go back to sticking dildos up his ass.

Chief Justice John Roberts Claims “Obama Judges” Don’t Exist

Pure cuckery by Roberts. There are "Obama judges" and they are all anti-American Marxist radicals.

Trump Thanks Saudi Arabia for Lower Oil Prices

The American relationship with the Saudis needs to come to an end.