Wednesday, August 21, 2019

3D Gun Manufacturer Cody Wilson Gets #MeTooed by Jail Bait!

Looks like Cody got setup with some underage jail bait!

John McCain’s Fat Daughter Takes Political Shots at Trump

John McCain was not only a traitor but he failed as a father. Just look at how fat his daughter is.

Vice News Documents the Hunt for Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin

These people are retarded. Anglin lives in Nigeria and I personally visited him there.

Spanish Police Arrest Three “Neo-Nazi” Website Operators

What more proof do you need to see that free political speech does not exist in the West?

A Straight Edge Lifestyle is the Best Lifestyle

Our people need to be strong if we are to defeat the Jews.

Arthur Jones Wins GOP Nomination for Congress

You kikes are fucked now! Arthur Jones is one step away from going to Congress!

Project Veritas Exposes Deep State Communist Faggots

The deep state should probably be renamed the deep soy state.

Hysterical Bald Spic Bitch Blames Trump and the NRA for Florida School Shooting

You're not taking anyone's guns you ugly brown dyke.

Sargon Declares Himself Leader of Liberalist Individualist Cult

Sargon has declared himself the leader of an Internet cult that he plans to use to wage war against the Alt-Right.