Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Evil Zionist Traitor John McCain is Dead And In Hell!!!!

The evil piece of shit is dead and officially in hell!

Gavin McInnes Quits Proud Boys Due to Jewish Terror Campaign

Guess he's going to go back to sticking dildos up his ass.

Alex Jones Sued for Racism and Anti-Semitism!

He's being accused of grooming a Jewish individual for the purposes of homosexual activities!

Stormer Book Club Exposes Jewish Role in Kiking Kavanaugh

A glorious campaign against hateful kike terrorists.

Mad Maxine Waters Continues Pushing for Race War

She seems to want someone to shoot her so we have race war.

Jews Fail to Destroy Kavanaugh with Circus-Tier Accusations

The kikes overplayed their hand with this retarded circus.

YouTube Moves to Shut Down Popular Right-Wing Channels

More proof that the Jews are shutting everything down.

Twitter Refuses to Ban Alex Jones

Guess this means Twitter is run by pro-Russian Nazis.

Trump-Putin Summit was a Huge Success

This could be the first step towards long lasting peace between two White Christian nations.