Sunday, February 17, 2019

Gavin McInnes Quits Proud Boys Due to Jewish Terror Campaign

Guess he's going to go back to sticking dildos up his ass.

Alex Jones Should Absolutely Have a White House Press Pass

If this doesn't happen, 1776 will commence again!

Trump-Putin Summit was a Huge Success

This could be the first step towards long lasting peace between two White Christian nations.

Unite the Right 2 Rally is Today

Hopefully this ends peacefully.

Battle of Portland: Patriot Prayer versus Anti-Fascists

Some are saying that this could be the most violent rally since Charlottesville last year.

Disqus Bans Alex Jones

Myself and Anglin were banned from Disqus roughly three years ago.

Donations to the NRA Triple After Parkland Shooting

The Second Amendment is popular.

Leaked Google Document Shows Plan to Censor Political Enemies

These tech monopolies need to be regulated ASAP. This latest document leak should be the last straw.

Secret US Charges Against Julian Assange Revealed

All this guy did was publish embarrassing government information on a website.

President Trump Posts Pocahontas 1/2020th Meme

Elizabeth Warren doesn't stand a chance.