Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Sweden Might Need Right-Wing Death Squads to Free Nation

The situation is pretty bad in Sweden.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Accidentally Proves That Walls Work

Jim Acosta is one dumb motherfucker.

Big Tech All Works With the Jewish Terrorists at the SPLC

All the big tech companies work very closely with the Jewish terrorists at the SPLC to make sure people Jews don't like can't use their platforms.

Chink Democrat Congressman Says He Would Love to Regulate Speech

This slant-eyed mother fucker is probably a Chinese spy.

Microsoft Threatens to Shut Down Gab Over Anti-Jew Posts

lol at the fact that Gab's infrastructure is hosted by Microsoft.

People Are Taking Out Mortgages to Buy Bitcoin

The Bitcoin mania continues.

Trump is Raising Hell at the NATO Summit

Trump is disrupting the NATO summit like he did with the G7.

Anti-Fascists Harass Tucker Carlson’s Family at His Home

This is not a good look for our political enemies.