Thursday, June 27, 2019

Trump is Raising Hell at the NATO Summit

Trump is disrupting the NATO summit like he did with the G7.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Claims Anti-Fascist Violence is Justified

The Cuomo brothers have gone completely fucking bonkers.

The FBI’s Failure to Stop Orlando Nightclub Shooting Exposed

The FBI is a joke organization deserving of no respect.

Battle of Portland: Patriot Prayer versus Anti-Fascists

Some are saying that this could be the most violent rally since Charlottesville last year.

President Trump Threatens to Close the Border Permanently

This is only going to get worse. Best just to close it permanently.

Obama Gives Speech to Small Crowd of Women and Coloreds

American politics is becoming increasingly polarized around racial lines.

President Trump Posts Pocahontas 1/2020th Meme

Elizabeth Warren doesn't stand a chance.

Is the Campaign Version of Trump Back?

This was one of Trump's best speeches in awhile.

Dyke Jew Rachel Maddow Says Syria Strike is “Wag the Dog” Tier

It's actually a fair comparison in many respects.

David Hogg Defends Jew Sheriff Scott Israel While Bashing the NRA

The David Hogg experience continues! Looks like the kike-run media is going all in on this script reading chump.