Sunday, April 21, 2019

YouTube’s Jewish CEO Says EU Meme Ban Threatens Open Internet

Even the top pro-censorship Jew at YouTube thinks this goes too far.

Trump Issues Warning to Anti-Fascist Groups

This problem can be solved by getting the Department of Justice cleaned up.

Gab Still Offline as Jews Equate Free Speech with Anti-Semitism

What's happened to Gab proves that it is currently impossible to start your own social media platform and compete in a free market.

Robert Mueller Gets #MeTooed!

Women must be believed!

Jew Media Pushes Trump Inauguration Conspiracy Story

Get ready for an endless parade of manufactured scandals.

Glenn Beck Declares War Against the Alt-Right

Go suck a cock Beck you faggot loser!


Damn right. Everyone needs to chill the fuck out!

Jim Acosta Has Been Banned From the White House Grounds

You are a failed person Jim. Just give up.

Rite Aid Facility Shot Up by Androgynous Female Ape

We have not heard much about this story because the shooter was a nigger.

Violence Breaks Out Before Richard Spencer’s MSU Speech

I honestly couldn't tell the difference between some of the anti-fascists and nationalists during the clashes.