Thursday, June 27, 2019

Starbucks Growth Slows as They Turn Stores into Homeless Shelters

Just wait until Starbucks coffee stores become full blown homeless shelters!

Trump Accurately States That Tariffs Are “The Greatest”

Tariffs are good for America and the American worker!

Google Executives Were Distraught After Trump’s Glorious Win

More proof that Google is a politically biased monopoly that needs to be regulated.

Jewish Synagogue Reportedly Shot Up in Pittsburgh

This is definitely not a good situation. Some wignat Gab poster is being blamed for the shooting.

Communists Attempt to Meme Gritty as a SJW Leftist

These Marxist faggots are trying to steal another Alt-Right meme.

Anti-Trumper John Kasich Seriously Looking at 2020 Run for POTUS

Such a campaign would be doomed to failure.

Stormer Sunday Edition Volume 15

Here are direct download links for Volume 15 of the Stormer Sunday Edition.

Richard Spencer Declares His Support For Child Porn?

What a bizarre clip this is. Spencer needs to lay off the booze.

The FBI’s Failure to Stop Orlando Nightclub Shooting Exposed

The FBI is a joke organization deserving of no respect.

Corey Lewandowski Mocks 10-Year-Old Spic With Down Syndrome!

We need more of this type of commentary on cable news.