Wednesday, August 21, 2019

World War III Has Been Avoided At Least so Far

We have to keep the pressure up. We will not tolerate another war for evil Zionist Jews.

Wall Street Journal Blows Open Russia Conspiracy Hoax

This Russia conspiracy hoax has hit a brick wall.

Jordan Peterson Says Kavanaugh Should Resign

Hopefully this marks the beginning of the end for this fraud.

Anti-Fascists Harass Tucker Carlson’s Family at His Home

This is not a good look for our political enemies.

James Fields Convicted of All Charges by Kangaroo Court

Justice does not exist in America.

Second Gay Nigger Found Dead in Top Democrat Donors Home

Looks like this faggot has some explaining to do.

Azzmador Deserves to be 2017’s Texan of the Year

Who could possibly debate this?

Teen School Shooting Survivors Are Coming for Your Guns

Fuck these gun grabbing assholes.

Canada: Media Silent as Faith Goldy Gets Attacked by Anti-Fascists

These anti-fascists need to be rounded up and stuffed in concentration camps.