Sunday, February 17, 2019

GoDaddy Shoahs Richard Spencer’s Altright.Com Domain

They haven't given up trying to shut everything down.

FBI Stops Another FBI Hoax Terror Plot

The FBI for years has been stopping terror attacks they hoax themselves.

Trump Pins Tweet About Google’s Political Bias

Google aka Jewgle hates free speech.

CNN Files Goofy Lawsuit Against White House

This is a massive over reach by the Jews at CNN.

Sargon of Akkad Destroyed By Richard Spencer in Live Stream Debate!

Sargon might have to quit the tubes after this awful performance!

Interest in Joining the NRA Skyrockets

The kikes have kiked themselves again.

Trump Calls Out Disney Kike Bob Iger Over Roseanne Fiasco

This kike is stupid if he thinks fucking with people's entertainment is a good strategy.

Facebook Implies Russia Was Running Weird Anti-Trump Accounts

WTF type of retard-tier shit is this?