Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Dyke Jew Rachel Maddow Says Syria Strike is “Wag the Dog” Tier

It's actually a fair comparison in many respects.

Democrats Push for Violence Against Trump Supporters

The Democrat party is a Jewish backed terrorist organization.

CNN’s Phil Mudd is Completely Fucking Insane

Trump thinks the crazy fuck needs to have his security clearance revoked lol.

Leaked Google Document Shows Plan to Censor Political Enemies

These tech monopolies need to be regulated ASAP. This latest document leak should be the last straw.

Jewish Media Falsely Claims Anti-Fascists Aren’t Violent

How much faker can the Jewish news get?

Did Trump Dog Whistle to us During Hanukkah Speech?

Not sure if this was a dog whistle but it was definitely a weird thing.

Jew Media Calls Border Problems a “Manufactured Crisis”

The same people who manufacture crises are saying a real crisis is manufactured.

Stormer Sunday Edition Volume 19

Final edition for 2017!

Blog Platform Medium Bans Merchant Right Accounts

Watering down your message will not always save you from the social media ban hammer.

Elon Musk Attacks the Fake News Media

The main reason the media can't be trusted is because of Jews.