Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Millennial Forsaken by Boomer Parents Bashed by Jewish Media

This non-stop bashing of millennials in the Jew-controlled media is getting tiresome.

Battle of Portland: Patriot Prayer versus Anti-Fascists

Some are saying that this could be the most violent rally since Charlottesville last year.

Robert Mueller Gets #MeTooed!

Women must be believed!

Gavin McInnes Quits Proud Boys Due to Jewish Terror Campaign

Guess he's going to go back to sticking dildos up his ass.

Jews are Trying to Kike the Infostormer.com Domain

These Jews really don't like kittens for some reason!

Trump Looks Forward to Interview With Special Counsel

Looks like this crazy hoax is finally coming to an end.

Stormer Book Club’s Operation White America a Great Success

Congratulations to the various chapters of the Stormer Book Club for a very successful operation!

Mad Maxine Waters Calls for Harassment of Trump’s Associates

How the hell is this low IQ ape a member of Congress?

Trump is Closing in on New Trade Deal With Mexico

The disaster known as NAFTA is finally being fixed.