Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Did Trump Dog Whistle to us During Hanukkah Speech?

Not sure if this was a dog whistle but it was definitely a weird thing.

James Fields Convicted of All Charges by Kangaroo Court

Justice does not exist in America.

IMF’s Lagarde Claims Nationalism Will Lead to a Dystopian Future

We are already living in a dystopian nightmare you dumb bitch.

James Mattis Does Interview and Says Lots of Insane Shit

He promoted more conspiracy theories about Russia and other stupid shit.

G20 Summit Has Been Mostly Pointless so Far

What the hell is the point of this goofy summit?

Gavin McInnes Banned from Entering Australia

For once the Australian government made the right decision.

Negro CNN Contributor Fired for Hating on Israel

He said negative things about Jews so CNN had to fire him.

President Trump Calls for American State Run TV Network

Not a bad idea, but the biggest problem we have are the Jews controlling the biggest media operations in the country.