Dyke Jew Rachel Maddow Says Syria Strike is “Wag the Dog” Tier

It's actually a fair comparison in many respects.

I Am Endorsing Styxhexenhammer666 for Vermont Governor

It's about time Vermont got itself a serious and qualified candidate to run for political office.

World War III Has Been Avoided At Least so Far

We have to keep the pressure up. We will not tolerate another war for evil Zionist Jews.

Stormer Book Club’s Operation White America a Great Success

Congratulations to the various chapters of the Stormer Book Club for a very successful operation!

Ricky Vaughn Getting Doxxed Further Fractures the Alt-Right

Doxxing Ricky offered no strategic political value and can't be condoned in any way shape or form.

American Military Struggling With Accidents

Maybe if we had more diversity and more wars for Jews there'd be fewer accidents.

Happy Easter Everyone!

The Jews seem to hate this holiday more than any other.

The FBI’s Failure to Stop Orlando Nightclub Shooting Exposed

The FBI is a joke organization deserving of no respect.

Donations to the NRA Triple After Parkland Shooting

The Second Amendment is popular.

Jews Demanding Emma Gonzalez Meme Be Shut Down!

The meme shows her ripping up the United States Constitution!