Florida House Aide Fired Over School Shooting Crisis Actor Comments

You shouldn't get fired from your job for asking questions.

Blog Platform Medium Bans Merchant Right Accounts

Watering down your message will not always save you from the social media ban hammer.

Just Who in the Fuck is this David Hogg Faggot?

There needs to be a full investigation into this fake news manufacturing script reading actor.

Teen School Shooting Survivors Are Coming for Your Guns

Fuck these gun grabbing assholes.

Hysterical Bald Spic Bitch Blames Trump and the NRA for Florida School Shooting

You're not taking anyone's guns you ugly brown dyke.

Far Left Newsweek Propagandist Called Out by Julian Assange

This is the same clown who has been writing shitty Alt-Right and Nazi clickbait for Newsweek.

Andrew Anglin Defeats Sargon in Live Stream Death Match

Sargon is now 0 for 2 in debating the Alt-Right.

Glenn Beck Declares War Against the Alt-Right

Go suck a cock Beck you faggot loser!

Sargon of Akkad Says Alt-Right Trolls are Niggers

No niggers allowed in Sargon's liberalist utopia.


Trump’s CPAC Speech