Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Jews Claim “Doctored” Video Used by Trump to Ban Jim Acosta

This is just Jewish word manipulation to create a false perception.

Jewish Media Falsely Claims Anti-Fascists Aren’t Violent

How much faker can the Jewish news get?

Trump Goes Nuclear on Jewish Fake News Media

It's good to see that Trump is getting much more aggressive.

Anti-Fascists Harass Tucker Carlson’s Family at His Home

This is not a good look for our political enemies.

Mitt Romney Demands Russia Hoax Investigation Continue

Mitt Romney is also a retarded piece of shit.

Jim Acosta Has Been Banned From the White House Grounds

You are a failed person Jim. Just give up.

2018 Midterms: The Aftermath Examined

The result could have been much worse.

2018 Midterm Elections Have Begun!

Get out and vote straight Republican if you have not already!

Get Out and Vote Tomorrow!

Everybody needs to vote a straight Republican ticket tomorrow!