Hysteria Emerges Over Trump’s Child Separation Policies

This nonsense about child separation is just more open borders propaganda.

Dennis Rodman Bashes Obama and Wears MAGA Hat on CNN

This clip of Rodman on CNN is pure gold. Talk about blowing narratives apart.

UK: Big Rally Held Demanding the Release of Tommy Robinson

Looks like the British establishment went a bit too far with this one.

New York Times Skank Fucked Senate Security Director for Leaks

A respected man ruined his life to fuck this chubby skank. WTF was he thinking?

Big Tech All Works With the Jewish Terrorists at the SPLC

All the big tech companies work very closely with the Jewish terrorists at the SPLC to make sure people Jews don't like can't use their platforms.

Hell Unleashed After Luke O’Brien Doxes Jew MAGA Slut

Luke O'Brien has done some excellent work here.

Millennial Forsaken by Boomer Parents Bashed by Jewish Media

This non-stop bashing of millennials in the Jew-controlled media is getting tiresome.

Joy Reid Apologizes for Alt-Right Views

I thought Reid was just a stupid nigger. Turns out she's much more based than I gave her credit for.

World Leaders Cry Like Fags Over Trump’s Tariffs

Keep slapping the tariffs on until these clowns are serious about establishing fair trade deals.

Trump Calls Out Disney Kike Bob Iger Over Roseanne Fiasco

This kike is stupid if he thinks fucking with people's entertainment is a good strategy.