Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Trump Adopts National Strategy to Counter Biological Threats

The first and foremost biological threat to the United States of America is the biological Jew!

Numerous Russia Hoax Documents to be Declassified

These documents will undoubtedly prove the extent of this insane anti-Trump conspiracy.

Nike Offers Colored Niggers 75 Percent Off Their Products

The discredited website Snopes is claiming that this is a troll. They are wrong. This shit is real.

Google Executives Were Distraught After Trump’s Glorious Win

More proof that Google is a politically biased monopoly that needs to be regulated.

9/11 Attacks Happened 17 Years Ago

We still have not had a real national conversation about what happened that day.

Benghazi “Hero” Put in Twitter Timeout After Criticizing Obama

Twitter is not going to stop until only Jews and Communists are able to speak freely on the site.

Alex Jones and Infowars Banned From Apple App Store

Infowars has now been fully banned from all major social media platforms.

Communist Terrorist Fined $1 For Punching Jason Kessler

There is no "justice" in America.

Alex Jones Gets Banned From Twitter and Periscope

Looks like retribution from Twitter after Jones stormed Washington DC yesterday.

Alex Jones Crashes Hearings on Social Media Censorship

Jones and the Alt-Lite were out in full force.