Cape Town might be running out of water, but at least those White racists are no longer running the national government!

Cape Town, South Africa is months away from running out of water. The nigger led government dominated by the African National Congress is being blamed for this insanity.

Authorities are already preparing for the civil unrest that will undoubtedly come when the water runs out.

Fox News:

The charming port city of Cape Town, South Africa has long had the distinction of being one of the world’s top tourist destinations. But now, the city is on track to top another list it doesn’t want to be included in: The first major city in the modern era to have its water supply chain switched off.

The city is experiencing a record-low water drought and city officials say soon they may have to take extraordinary steps to restrict water usage.

Experts say this kind of drought only comes once in 300 years. Dam water levels are dangerously low, at an average of 25 percent. In some areas, levels are dropping by as much as 1 percent a day.

Under Level 6B restrictions introduced this week, residents and tourists can only use about 13 gallons – or 50 liters – of water a day, or face stiff fines. That’s the equivalent of a small to medium-sized tub of water.

So taking a bath as is out. People are being urged to take only two short showers a week, or use washcloths to clean themselves. They are also being asked to flush the toilet only once a day. Many restaurants have shut off the water at sinks and are asking customers to use bottled hand sanitizers.

Long lines are forming at two wells in the city, where residents can get some water, about six gallons each. A brewery that owns the land where one of the wells sits offers limited water on a first-come, first-served basis.

Many residents are trying to stock up because, even with these restrictions, “Day Zero” is likely to come. Barring a miracle, on May 11 – or sooner – most of the city’s water taps will be shut off.

Already, police and security agencies are bracing for possible civil unrest.

“It will be honestly horrific when day zero comes,” said Wendy Swiel, a local resident told reporters while in line at one of the wells. “It’s going to be very scary but I think it’s a reality, unfortunately.”

Analysts are blaming the ANC-led national government, which is responsible for supplying water, for not acting soon, despite being warned several years ago about the issue.

This is why you don’t put niggers in charge of governments. When niggers run governments, bad things happen. They were warned about the potential for water shortages years ago but did nothing tangible to prevent this situation.

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