The people imposing these lunatic coronavirus restrictions on the public believe that they don’t have to follow their own rules. They think they are special and that the restrictions are only for the peons that they lord over.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is another example of this. He has imposed all sorts of restrictions on indoor dining but was spotted at a fancy indoor dinner party after imposing new restrictions on the state.

There also didn’t appear to be a whole lot of social distancing and mask wearing.

Newsom’s office previously put out a tweet telling people that they should put their mask on in between bites of their food.

It doesn’t appear as if Newsom was following his own advice.

And on top of this, California lawmakers are flying to Hawaii for a convention despite us allegedly being in the middle of a very deadly pandemic.

People really need to stop complying with all these retarded protocols that these people are imposing on them. If they aren’t following them, why should you? This has nothing to do with your health, this is about controlling every aspect of your day to day life.

Ditch the masks, ditch the social distancing and disregard any of the bullshit edicts these people are putting out. It’s all illegal and unconstitutional any way.