Caesar Matteo Salvini is keeping his promises as Italy’s interior minister. The Italian government has started to clear Rome of the illegal niggers that have been infesting it.

Voice of Europe:

Italy has begun to clear the 27 illegal migrants’ camps in Rome, the first having just been cleared, news agency Ansa reports.

There are photos and videos showing that these camps are similar to the improvised squatters’ camps on Paris’ streets.

Italy’s most trusted and popular populist Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has vowed to clear all of the illegal camps and the first one closed was called “Baobab”, named for an African tree.

On Tuesday Salvini said: “Order and security. We want to bring legality back to Rome, quarter by quarter”.

“We’ll make other clearances, using objective criteria: four for dangerous buildings and 23 because they have judicial initiatives in course. We won’t stop: we mean to move from words to deeds”, he said, promising the removal of illegal squats.

They’ve also seized a large ship used to traffic Africans into Italy. Apparently the ship’s waste disposal systems were not up to standards.

It looks as if the Italians are legitimately taking back their country. It is great to see this type of thing happening. I fully endorse these actions taken by the Italian government. Caesar Salvini is truly making Italy great again!