It never ends with this Russia kook shit. The Jewish media is just hopping from one thing to the next hoping that something sticks. There is now this new report from the kike operation of Buzzfeed claiming that Donald Trump instructed his Jew lawyer Michael Cohen to lie about the proposed Trump Tower project in Russia.


US President Donald Trump has hit back over a news report that he directed his then personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress.

Buzzfeed News said Mr Trump had instructed Cohen to lie about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Cohen was convicted over the case last month.

Mr Trump said the lawyer was lying about the Moscow project to “reduce his jail time”.

Democratic politicians say they will investigate the Buzzfeed allegations.

Buzzfeed says its report is based on testimony from two unnamed law enforcement officials investigating the matter.

The story alleges Mr Trump received 10 personal updates from Cohen about a plan to build the Moscow tower at a time when Mr Trump denied having any business ties to Russia.

The Jewish media is claiming this is the most damaging thing ever without explaining why. They’ve said the same thing about a hundred other things relating to this insane Russia hoax. It is also unknown why Trump would order Cohen to lie about something which isn’t even illegal. It is known that Trump was looking at building something in Russia but they chose not to move forward with the project. It doesn’t make any sense for him to direct Cohen to lie about this.

Just look at some of these reports.

Of course Buzzfeed is the same outfit that promoted the #pissgate dossier as a credible document even though it has proven to be complete bullshit.

It’s worth noting that Buzzfeed employs a bunch of low testosterone millennial faggots who have a history of questionable reporting. It’s comical that they want us to just trust this bullshit they’re publishing. Their report is also based off of two anonymous sources which raises even more questions. Are these even real sources? Or is this just made up? We’ll probably never know.

The kike Adam Schiff has used this questionable report to claim that Trump may have done some illegal acts.

On top of this, the Wall Street Journal published a report claiming that the Jew Cohen paid tech consultants to rig online polls.

But what’s the crime here? There’s no proof of any wrongdoing by Trump. It’s just a bunch of gibberish published by a disreputable Jewish media operation with the rest of the Jewish media pushing it as if it is something important. And it’s all centered around this Jew Cohen who is a highly disreputable figure. It’s nothing but a bunch of smoke and mirrors involving Jews.

And what does any of this nonsense have to do with allegedly Trump being a KGB agent for Putin? It’s a bunch of bullshit.