The brother of black Olympic gymnast Simone Biles has been charged with murdering three people. Talk about shocking news.

NBC News:

The brother of Olympic gymnast Simone Biles has been charged with murder in connection with a shooting in which three people were killed and two others were injured on New Year’s Eve in Cleveland.

Tevin Biles-Thomas, 24, of Cleveland, was arrested Thursday at Fort Stewart in Georgia in the fatal shooting Dec. 31 at an Airbnb rental property that left three men dead, investigators told NBC’s Cleveland affiliate WKYC.

Biles-Thomas, who is on active duty with the Army, has been charged with multiple counts of murder, voluntary manslaughter and felonious assault, as well as one count of perjury, Cuyahoga County Court Records show.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley congratulated Cleveland police after the arrest in Georgia, which came after nearly eight months of investigation.

“The relentless persistence of Cleveland Police Homicide detectives helped secure an indictment in this case,” O’Malley told WKYC. “It is through their hard work that we can begin to seek justice for these victims.”

Biles-Thomas is being held at Liberty County Jail in Hinesville, Georgia. An arraignment is set for Sept. 13 in Cleveland, although it is unknown when he will be extradited.

This is why blacks need to be sent back to Africa. They are violent and unpredictable creatures. It doesn’t matter if they are the sibling of a celebrated black athlete or not. They can commit acts of violence at a moment’s notice.

Of course, anybody who points out this obvious fact is called a racist and shamed as a bad person by Jews. But it still doesn’t take away from the truth of the matter.