Look at this bullshit propaganda from the AP of all places. They are accusing the British royal family of racism and claiming that Meghan Markle is an accomplished and glamorous person.


When accomplished, glamorous American actress Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in 2018, she was hailed as a breath of fresh air for Britain’s fusty royal family. That honeymoon didn’t last.

Now the couple wants independence, saying the pressure of life as full-time royals is unbearable. And a debate is raging: Did racism drive Meghan away?

When Prince Harry, who is sixth in line to the throne, began dating the “Suits” actress — daughter of a white father and African American mother — the media called it a sign that Britain had entered a “post-racial” era in which skin color and background no longer mattered, even to the royal family.

So Meghan’s obnoxious and selfish behavior had nothing to do with this. The fact that Harry and her want to leave their roles as royalty is all due to racism. What a clever narrative to spin.

So whenever any nigger behaves terribly and somebody complains about it, the person complaining about it is just racist. That’s literally what this article is claiming.

But I do not believe the British royal family is racist. If they were racist, they would have never allowed Harry to marry this stupid nigger bitch in the first place.