British libshits are hopping mad that Donald Trump apparently did not show proper etiquette when he met Queen Elizabeth the other day.

But proper etiquette? Why should Trump give a fuck about proper etiquette considering the welcome he got?

Tell me, is flying a balloon depicting Trump in such a negative fashion proper etiquette you retards?

There were numerous complaints about how Trump behaved with the Queen.

They’ve been complaining that he showed up late to meet the Queen even though that doesn’t appear to be totally accurate.

They’ve been complaining that he didn’t bow to the Queen.

And they’ve been complaining about how he stepped in front of the Queen when they reviewed the Queen’s guards.

There’s probably other complaints, but I don’t have the time or the energy to look into them.

I for one couldn’t give a damn if Trump disrespected her or failed to properly follow all this etiquette and protocol nonsense. He’s the god damn President of the United States!

And besides, this old hag hasn’t done a damn thing to prevent her country being taken over by a bunch of mud monkeys. She could have used her position to to help stop this yet she did nothing.

These Brit shitlibs are more concerned about Trump’s etiquette in front of the Queen but have nothing to say about the sand niggers that are raping and killing their people. The United Kingdom is a very fucked up place right now and this is just more proof of it.