Facebook’s co-founder Chris Hughes is in the news saying that the company should be broken up by the government. He also called for the government to implement stringent privacy regulations on the company.

In other words, he’s promoting solutions that won’t solve the biggest problem with Facebook which is its rampant censorship of political speech. In fact, he references “disinformation” as a problem on Facebook which is just code for him supporting their speech censorship efforts. That’s why The New York Times and the rest of the Jew-controlled media is promoting his op-ed right now. They are trying to sell hoax solutions to the problem of big tech.

I mean, what good is breaking up Facebook into several companies if each of these companies continues on with the same censorship policies?

And look, I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to breaking up Facebook in order to make it easier to regulate, but breaking up Facebook in of itself is not a solution. The government needs to mandate that they provide equal service to everybody. They can’t be arbitrarily banning people, burying content, shadow banning etc.. because they disagree with a person’s political views. There needs to be a level playing field.

What Facebook and these other social media sites are doing with these arbitrary bans is the equivalent of if AT&T refused to give phone service to people who they didn’t like back in the 1960s. It’s total bullshit and it’s even more bullshit that the Jewish media and even a number of fake conservatives are selling people on hoax solutions to the problem.