The first tent facility setup by the Border Patrol to house all of these alien invaders has already reached capacity so they’re setting up a second one.


The U.S. Border Patrol said Friday that it plans to open a second tent facility to detain migrants in South Texas next to one it opened last week.

In a statement, the agency said the 500-person tent it opened in Donna, Texas, is already beyond capacity. The statement cited the large numbers of migrant parents and children crossing into the United States, many of them asylum seekers from Central America.

Photos released by the Border Patrol show dozens of migrants sitting or lying on the grass outside a small, military-style tent with only Mylar sheets underneath them. Another photo inside a tent shows adults and children huddled underneath the shiny sheets. The agency said it’s also detaining migrants in the secure entryways, or sally ports, of some of its stations.

What a fiasco. This is all reactive. There was no proactive measures to deal with this situation. Even though, my preference would be to treat these invaders like Israel treats the Palestinians, setting up these tent facilities like these should have been the minimum course of action taken last year. The fact that it wasn’t can be blamed on the incompetence of that horrible woman Donald Trump put in charge of Homeland Security.

But none of this really matters. They’re just temporarily housing them, giving them free shit and dumping them on our streets. They’re not even dumping them in sanctuary cities as Trump once considered. The solution is to stop them at the border and send them back where they came from. Fuck what the law allegedly says. Martial law should have been declared on the border and the border should have been closed. But Trump didn’t want to do it because of economics.

It’s utterly insane what’s happening. We can’t even secure the nation’s borders but are about to do war against Venezuela, Iran and North Korea simultaneously. And all the while, the entire mainstream kike-run media and the douche clowns in Congress are obsessing over conspiracy theories about how Trump is a Russian agent.