Why even have a border at this point? This is a fucking joke.

Washington Times:

Border Patrol agents now spend less than 50 percent of their time patrolling the border, a top official said Wednesday, putting a stark face on the border crisis.

Customs and Border Protection acting Commissioner John Sanders made the revelation at a press conference where he stood next to Sen. Lindsey Graham, who proposed new legislation to try to combat the surge of illegal immigrants.

Mr. Sanders said his agents are now spending more time changing diapers, driving migrants and providing medical care for families and children than they are spending out in the field on patrol.

What a fucking circus.

Where’s the leadership in the government? Why isn’t somebody saying that security is more important than the humanitarian needs of these invaders? I couldn’t give a fuck if these invaders die of starvation or disease. They deserve such a fate considering they are coming here to feed off of our good will.

All this is doing is demoralizing the Border Patrol. They’ve been turned into a babysitting service for hordes of illegal aliens who are invading our country. It’s no wonder why Donald Blarmf doesn’t want to talk about this issue any longer. He’s completely failed on it.

He has the authority right now to send hundreds of thousands of troops to the border to solve this problem, but instead he’s apparently thinking about sending them to do a war against Iran for the benefit of the foreign Jewish nation of Israel.