Bob Mueller did a short press conference announcing the official closing of the special counsel’s office today. He issued a prepared statement that revealed nothing that hasn’t already been said about the Russia hoax investigation that he oversaw for the past two years.

There are all sorts of morons on Twitter trying to draw some sort of secret meaning from his statement. But there is no secret meaning. It’s utterly ridiculous that there are people who still think Donald Trump is a Russian agent working for Vladimir Putin. Most of the fools who are continuing to push this bullshit are lying Jews and retarded people with low levels of intelligence.

What pisses me off about Mueller’s statement more than anything else is the fact that he took no questions. This clown subjected the country to two years of insane nonsense about an alleged Russia conspiracy and he didn’t even have the decency to take a few questions? What makes him so special?

Seriously, fuck this asshole. But considering that this is the same piece of shit who oversaw the FBI when they released the dancing Israelis after the 9/11 attacks, I am not surprised at all by this.